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Made to outperform OpenAI's GPT-3, SGPT-4 powered 60% of my personal projects and some multi-million dollar companies' chatbots, internal support systems, and more.

~205 billion parameters
30 billion more than OpenAI's GPT-3, nearly 204 billion more than GPT-2, all while being more performant and efficient.
15,000 beta applicants
Back when OpenAI didn't have GPT-4 (before March 2023), SGPT-4 was in a very limited beta with a couple dozen users.
SGT-4 beat OpenAI
When GPT-3 launched in June 2020, it started an urge to beat a large "nonprofit" to GPT-4. By December of that year, there was a model similar to GPT-3, and a few months later SGPT-4 was "fully" trained & used by companies
More performant, much cheaper
SGPT-4 was, on average, 25% faster to respond at a cost of US$0.01 per 1K tokens in comparison to GPT-3 Davinci's US$0.06 (US$0.02 after price cuts) per 1K token price tag. Users could've opted for a fixed monthly rate.


From news of an acquisition, to congratulating OpenAI, everything new regarding SGPT-4 and its future is here.

OpenAI's GPT-4 does not affect acquisition
Following the possible merger news, the release of OpenAI's GPT-4 does not affect SGPT-4's acquisition. In the meantime, a lot of things are being worked out, which includes figuring out a plan for the possible new parent company to give SGPT-4 access to all of the beta applicants.
Congratulating OpenAI on their release of GPT-4
I'd love to congratulate OpenAI on their launch, a true testament to how fast we're innovating on AI. With models from Google, OpenAI, me, Meta, and others, its truly wonderful seeing it all happen. Probably a huge shout out to Azure, who runs their models, their partnership allowed them to launch much faster than all of my self-sourced NVIDIA A-series GPUs.
GPT-4 renamed to SGPT-4
In March 2023, "GPT-4" was renamed to "SGPT-4" to prevent confusion while I weigh the benefits and risks of releasing SGPT-4 to researchers and the general public.
GPT-4 may get acquired
As of January 2023, GPT-4 may get acquired by a company I'm sure many of you know. My ability to provide updates on it will vary, but most likely the merger would go through.
Applications are no longer being reviewed
As of July 2022, applications are no longer being reviewed or being placed into the queue. The Google Form will remain open.